La Metamorphose No. 4 Perfume 100 ml 

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Numbers have been with us since the dawn of time. They were perceived as an expression of the eternal order of reality. They fulfilled the functions of factors shaping everything, determining the measure of all things and its essence, and sometimes they became the causes, the basis, the pattern, the principles of life...


Pythagoras was the first one to notice the appropriate pitch ratios in musical intervals, explaining them by the fact that music is, in a way, mathematics. The order of the heavens also expressed itself through the musical spectrum. Pythagoras believed that numbers somehow rule the world because different phenomena could be reduced to numerical relations. Hence the numbers that explain the universe.


Everything in nature is measurable and subject to numbers and a number is the essence of all things. To know the world and its regularity means to know the numbers that rule the world and thus to see the truth about ourselves and our existence...


Just as there are four elements, four winds, four seasons, four can represent the material world, and according to the Pythagorean conception – holiness and strength.

In Genesis, on the fourth day the stars and the sun, the vastness of the universe, were formed. Everything that surrounds us and gives us energy in life. Four is a summary of all the possibilities offered by nature. It gives us a potential power and influence over matter, which is made up of the four primal elements. It thus locks us in concrete reality by the fact that it expands and embraces the ideal world, the basic structure of the space.


The woman wearing the La Metamorphose No. 4 fragrance is open and willing to discover her place in the universe. Looking for answers, ready for what life and good fortune will bring her... Number four is strength and delicacy encompassed in the secret of life of each of us. Searching for harmony and endlessness of your own soul…


Based on the principle of genetic memory, we are inclined to believe that all history is written in us – all the stages of our spiritual and intellectual development that we have gone through, the awakening of our consciousness for which we fought so much, and which today offer us a contemporary vision of the world and reality… Genesis and progress are included in the symbolic history of the number six, which corresponds to the formation of human being… Its beginning and eternity… Searching for and improving oneself to finally achieve harmony.


La Metamorphose 4 is the delicate scent of a blooming rose emphasises femininity and sensuality, while the jasmine breath of a spring flower takes us to the memories of holidays and moments spent on the French Riviera.

La Metamorphose 4 is a fragrance for a delicate and romantic woman who wakes up each morning with a smile on her lips, waiting for what the day will bring her... Maybe a new love, an everlasting romance with life or just beautiful and unforgettable moments...

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